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Medicinski engleski

alternative medicine

alternativna medicina (=A variety of health care practices, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, and Reiki, whose tenets often differ from those of main stream medicine and are not generally taught in conventional medical schools.)

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assisted death

potpomognuta smrt (=a form of euthanasia in which an individual expressing a wish to die prematurely is helped to accomplish that goal by another person, either by counseling and/or by providing a poison or other lethal instrument. The assisted death may be regarded as a homicide or suicide by local authorities, and the person giving assistance may [...]

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guinea pig

zamorac The implication is that Macchiarini was treating humans as guinea pigs, instead of doing preliminary research on animals.  

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rehabilitacija; kontrolni pregled The group included Karl-Henrik Grinnemo, who had assisted Macchiarini in Beyene's organ transplant operation in 2011, and Thomas Fux, who was involved in the aftercare of Macchiarini's patients at the hospital.

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anaesthetics (BE); anesthesiology (AE)

anesteziologija ((functioning as singular) the science, study, and practice of anaesthesia and its application). 

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glavna sestra (u bolnici) (= a senior female nurse in a hospital)

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nosila (=a type of bed used for carrying someone who is injured, sick, or dead)

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stem cell transplant

transplantacija krvotvornih matičnih stanica Stem cell transplantation: The use of stem cells as a treatment for cancer or other illness. The stem cells are removed (or obtained from a donor) first. Before the transplant is done, the patient receives high-dose chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to destroy diseased cells. Then the stem cells are returned to the [...]

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breathe one’s last

umrijeti She breathed her last at about two o'clock that afternoon. Cradled in his wife's arms, he breathed his last. Jay made the trip north to be with his mother when she breathed her last.

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