Quiz: Cancer Fundraiser Stephen Sutton Leaves Hospital

Stephen Sutton, the teenager with terminal cancer, has raised just under £2.5m for the Teenage Cancer Trust. This is his YouTube video.

Cancer Fundraiser Stephen Sutton Leaves Hospital

The 19-year-old who has raised more than £3m for charity is allowed home after a “dramatic improvement” in his condition.

Stephen SuttonStephen was discharged soon after this picture with David Cameron was taken
Stephen Sutton


Stephen Sutton, 19, posted on his Facebook page that he had been allowed to leave hospital after a “remarkable recovery”.

He wrote: “I then also have some more great news… I’ve been discharged from hospital!

“After being at a point where it seemed like I’d never make it out it feels so awesome to be able to put that.

Facebook and fundraising pages for Stephen Sutton
Stephen Sutton has raised more than £3.1m for the Teenage Cancer Trust

“The recovery I’ve undergone recently is quite remarkable. It has been difficult, there is an emotional trauma attached to nearly dying (a few times) that will take a while to get used to, but ultimately I now feel even more fortunate to just be here and the experience serves as a potent reminder to go out there and live life as freely and as positively as possible.”

Earlier this week, the teenager recounted how his breathing “dramatically improved” after he “coughed up a tumour” while in hospital.

He will now recover at home before potentially starting a trial drug treatment.

Facebook and fundraising pages for Stephen Sutton
The teenager’s Facebook page has more than 500,000 “likes”

He wrote: “Physically my body has been through a lot recently so naturally I will need some time to recover.

“I have an appointment with the professor in about two weeks time and he’s mentioned that if I’m healthy enough there is a trial drug treatment I am eligible for that I could potentially try.

“It would be a 5th different chemotherapy regime for me, with previous others having limited effect, so we will need to seriously discuss the efficacy of me trying it but to even be talking about a few weeks time and having options is a great feeling.”

Mr Sutton has now raised more than £3.1m for the Teenage Cancer Trust and has more than 540,000 likes on his Facebook page, where he published a bucket list of things he wanted to achieve before he dies.

He was diagnosed with incurable colorectal cancer at the age of 15 and has released a 10-minute YouTube video called When Life Gives You Cancer, featuring interviews with his mum, his school teachers and his best friend.

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