Phrasal verbs dictionary

Phrasal verbs dictionary

back (something) up

ići / voziti unazad You’ll have to back up your car so that I can get out. zakrčiti promet, stvoriti dugačak red (za vozila) The traffic began to back up because of the accident.  spremiti dodatnu kopiju podataka (u informatici) You’ll have to back up the hard drive. nakupiti se iza prepreke (za tekuću vodu) The water began to back up at the narrow …

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be up against

-if you are up against a situation, a person, or a group of people, they make it very difficult for you to achieve what you want to achieve He was up against fantastic odds – he never stood a chance of winning.

blow up

-eksplodirati The racing car blew up after it crashed into the fence. -planuti (za osobu) She blew up when I asked for my money. -početi se razvijati (praćeno vrjetrom) A storm had blown up while we were in the store. -pojaviti se, postati javan (za skandal ili razmiricu) A crisis blew up between the two countries. -napuhnuti, napuhavati His belly had blown up. -uvećati …

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break (someone) in

-upoznati nekoga s novim radnim mjestom ili novom situcijom There was no time to break in a new foreign minister. (break in a horse) priviknuti konja na sedlo, žvale, uzde itd., te na jahanje I am the one who breaks in my dad’s horses.