In,at,on (place) – Part 1

In/at/on (place) – Part 1


in a building
in a room
in a box 
in a town/city
in a country
in a garden

• Is there anything in the box / in the bottle / in the envelope.
• What have you got in your hand / in your mouth?
• We went to Spain, and spent a week in Madrid, (NOT “at Madrid”)
• Heidi’s grandfather lives in a cottage in the mountains.
• Some girls were swimming in the pool / in the ocean / in the river.


at the door
at the window
at the bus stop
at the train station
 at the top / bottom of the page

at the end of the street /path /road…

• Who is that man standing at the train station / at the door / at the window?
• Turn right at the stop sign / at the shopping mall / at the roundabout.
• Write the tile at the top of the page.
• Write the page number at the bottom of the page.
• My house is the green one at the end of the street.
• When you leave the hotel, please leave your key at reception.


on the ceiling
on the wall
on the floor
on the door
on the table 
       on her nose
on his head
on a page
on an island
on the bottle

• We sat on the floor / on the ground / on the grass / on the table / on the embankment.
• There’s a red spot on the door / on the ceiling / on your cheek / on your shirt.
• Have you seen the notice on the blackboard / on the wall / on the door?
• The cinema guide is on page fifteen.
• There’s a lable on the bottle.
• We were stuck on the island / on the roof.

Compare in and at

• There were many people in the cinema, it was really crowded.
•  Go down this road and turn left at the cinema.

Compare in and on

• There is still plenty of milk in the bottle
  •  There is a label on the bottle.

Compare at and on
  • I think I heard somebody at the door.
  •  There is a sign on the door. It says “No entry”.