Homework: WB p 27

brass instruments – limeni puhački instrumenti


electronic instruments – električni glazbeni instrumenti


keyboard instruments – instrumenti s tipkama


percussion – udaraljke

-triangle, drum, xylophone

string instruments – žičani instrumenti

-violin, guitar, cello

woodwind – drveni puhački instrumenti

-clarinet, flute, saxophone

to carve – izrezbariti

elaborately – detaljno; minuciozono

pine – bor

maple – javor

wastage – otpad

varnish – lak

to enhance – poboljšati

finely grained – fine teksture

incredibly strong

rediculously successful

singulary successful –

singulary – remarkably

keenly priced – konkurenta cijena

to send a strongly worded letter – poslati oštro pismo

It has been widely believed that Loch Ness monster lives in Loch Ness lake.

singularly successful – iznimno uspješan

to be someone of note – to be famous

to be in tune with – to have a good understanding of

Bill is just not in tune with the company’s policies.

a bid – natječaj; nadmetanje; ponuda

to go for a song – prodavati jeftino

a second string to one’s bow – an extra skill or qualification

to settle the score – poravnati račune

to strike the right note – pogoditi u pravu žicu

to strike a chord – ostaviti dojam (to cause someone to remember sth)

a ‘microphoto’ of the human eye, showing the dark central pupil surrounded by a blue iris

the eye of a needle

a cat’s eye – the device used on main roads to guide drivers at night

to tell someone off – špotati; koriti (to scold)