Homework SB p 64

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to be deemed – to be considered

hell-bent – stubbornly and often recklessly determined or intent

hell-bent on winning

slavish – submissive (ropski, podano; nesamostalan)

squat – zdepast, nizak, prizeman

to be rendered – cause to be, become; make

an incentive – poticaj

a disincentive – nestimulans

florid poetry/speeches

florid – kićast; napadan

to subsist on – preživljavati na

flamboyant – napadan; privlači pažnju na sebe

a fatuous remark

fatuous – glup, budalast, blesav

glaring errors/faults –

glaring – napadan, kričav


dismissively – in a manner that suggests that something or someone is unworthy of consideration.

countless – bezbrojni

persuasive – uvjerljiv

to persuade – uvjeriti

to convince-uvjeriti

convincing – uvjerljiv

to devalue – obezvrijediti

commonplace – uobičajan, svakidašnji

inspirational – adj

It has been known for years.

They should have talked to him before.

to fall ill – razboljeti se

to come down with an illness – razboljeti se

to sacrifice

a sacrifice

to appease – udovoljiti

all bases covered – prepared for all possibilities

to be on to something – biti na tragu nečega