Homework: Gerund versus Infinitive – 2 copies from the Grammarbook + exe 3 on p 78 in SB

I forgot (1) to lock (2) the door.

I forgot (2) locking (1) the door.
(=I forgot if I locked the door or not)

I remembered (1) to buy (2) the present.

I don’t remember buying the present. (=I am not sure if I bought the present or not)

I regret saying that.

I regret to say that…

I need to clean my house.

My house needs cleaning.

I want to avoid travelling on Saturdays.

I want to go on a holiday.

I decided to refuse to give my consent.

I denied threatening to sack him.

a sham – prijevara

to put something to the test – staviti nešto na provjeru, ispitati nešto

to boil down to – svesti se na

medical record/chart – zdravstveni karton

let + bear infinitive

My boss doesn’t let me leave work earlier.

My boss makes me stay overtime.