incentives – poticaji

to implement an action plan

to take legal action

to issue a press release

to prepare a contingency plan

to control flow of information

to suffer a loss of confidence

to hold a press conference

failure – kvar

slow to acknowledge

a recall – povlańćenje proizvoda

a pushchair – kolica za bebe/djecu

handlea problem, a crisis, an investigation, a recall, the public, an issue
issuea warning, a recall
facea crisis, a problem, an issue, the public,
announcea warning, an investigation
cope witha problem, a crisis, an issue, the public
deal witha problem, a crisis, an issue, the public
reassurethe public


Zero – facts, rules If you don’t comply with the regulations, you are expelled. Present Simple – Present Simple
First – possibilty in the future If I learn hard, I will pass the exam.
Second – very unlikely, untrue, impossible If I saw a snake, I would faint. If I were you, I would take that chance. If you bought 100 pieces, we would lower the price.  
Third – it did not happen in the past If we had had more money, we would have bought a car last year. Past Perfect …would+have+PP
Mixed conditional – past + present If I had got married earlier (3rd), I would have (2nd) older kids now.