Homework: Read an article on p 84 SB (Death sentence)

to stand out – isticati se

stature – status; rast, stas


plural noun: vagaries

  1. an unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone’s behaviour.

“the vagaries of the weather”

intertwined – isprepleten

raiment (archaic) clothing


British American Croatian
chips French fries pomfrit
crisps chips čipi čips
trousers pants hlače
pants underwear gaće
lift elevator dizalo
underground subway podzemna ž.
pavement sidewalk pločnik
car park parking lot parkiralište


French words



entrepreneurial – poduzetnički

rapport – relationship

to build a rapport – izgrađivati odnos

to liaise – povezivati se – to connect

liaison – veza

to liaise with clients/patients

a/an – one

cumbersome – nespretan, ogroman

gregarious – društven

to scrutinise – detaljno pregledati

scrutiny – detaljan pregled



Would you have any objection to me/my taking the afternoon off…

It is common knowledge (zna se) there is a ban on smoking…

Little did he know his wife was about to be promoted.

You really must have misheard him/what he said completely.

I stood in for a colleague.

to stand in for someone – zamijeniti nekoga

Seldom does a contemporary painting receive so much…

Brian took offence at being accused of disrupting the lesson

to take offence at an insult

Butternut squash – puter tikvica (muškatna tikvica)

Spaghetti squash – špageti tikvica

UFO squash (Patty pan squash)(white or yellow) – patišon tikvica

Dark green squash