Homework: WB p 44 and 45

I feel like a wrack.

to be made redundant – biti učinjen viškom

kick-off meeting – početni/prvi sastanak

football: ball, football boots

golf: golf clubs, golf balls, a tee

motor racing: racing car, crash helmet

athletics: starting blocks, starting pistol

on a pitch: football/soccer

on a course: a golf

on a court: basketball, tennis

on a circuit: motor-racing, cycling

on a race(track): athletics, horse-racing

in a pool: swimming, diving…

in a gym: weight-lifting

in a ring: boxing, wrestling

in a rink: ice-skating

to spend time on

craze – moda, ludost (za čim svi polude)

effort – trud

camping stove, matches

cutlery – beštek

Phrasal verbs with come

come along – arrive

come apart – fall to pieces

come across – find by chance

come round – recover consciousness

come forward – to offer help

to come up – to happen unexpected

come round – navratiti

come up with – think of an idea