20th May – big revision

27th May – final exam

3rd June – last class

13th May 2020

Homework: SB p 72 and 73 exe 2, 3, 5 and 6

Order of adjectives

2 size
3 shape
4 age
5 colour
6 nationality
7 material

a powerful, new, Japanese car

a lovely, French, leather jacket

an old, red, German motorbike

enormous brown wooden table


COUNTABLE NOUNS – individual objects, people or things, singular and plural

one apple, two apples…an apple

one car, two cars…a car

UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS – things we think of as a single mass and abstract ideas (no plural form)

water, juice, meat, butter, information, advice

a bottle of water, two bottles of water

a glass of juice, three glasses of juice

a kilo of meat, five kilos of meat

a packet of butter, four packets of butter

a piece of information, three pieces of information

a piece of advice, two pieces of advice

How many books do you  have? I have many books.

How much water do you want? I don’t need too much water.

I have a few books.

I have a little water.

a lot of, lots of, plenty of – mogu i sa brojivim i nebrojivim imenicama

I have a lot of time. I have a lot of books

several – countable

some – izjavna rečenica

I have some time. I have some books.

any – niječnim, upitnim rečenicama

I don’t have any time. Do you have any books?