Next time or in the last class: final test

peer – kolega

peer rating – kada kolege ocjenjuju jedan drugog

Grammar for final test:

Direct and Indirect Questions

Future Tenses


The Passive

First, Second, Third and Mixed Conditionals

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Unit 11 – Modal verbs

Unit 13 – Reported Speech

First conditional

If my daughter has all As, I will fill one of her wishes.

If Luka’s team wins the tournament, I will say “bravo”.

Second Conditional

Third conditional – refers to the past

If I had been in the storm yesterday, I would have been completely wet.

Past Perfect….would (any other modal) have Past Participle

If I hadn’t visited Dubai, I wouldn’t have bought a beautiful bag.

If I hadn’t studied economics, I might have studied Math.

Mixed conditionals

If I hadn’t studied IT, I would work in a lab.

3rd conditional….2nd conditional
Past Perfect….would+inft

If I hadn’t started with the English class, I would have free Tuesday eveningsIf I hadn’t got a job in Zvijezda, I wouldn’t have been able to get a bank loan.

If I was wiser, I would be in the Parliament now.

If I was wiser, I would have been elected to the Parliament.

over the budget-premašili ste budžet

within the budget – unutar budžeta

to pay off – isplatiti se

It doesn’t pay off to buy…

to bring down costs – smanjiti troškove

to take up a challenge – prihvatiti izazov

courteous – pristojan

generosity – darežljivost

to plummet – naglo pasti