Business Result Advanced vocabulary test

14th May 2020

Complete the sentences with the words below

willingness, recognition, ability, desire

Julie is desperate for ________so you have to give her constant praise for her work.

Monica is always happy to do overtime, which shows her ___________to take on extra work as necessary.

Bill demonstrated his ______________to keep to a schedule when the project finished on time.

Ben shows a ____________to excel at his job – he’s won “employee of the month” twice!

Insert the appropriate preposition into the gaps provided below and make one sentence of your own with each expression

from, up, up to, for, out, in, to (2x)

put someone _______the test             _______________________________________________

seek _______opportunities               _______________________________________________

benefit _______diversity                  _______________________________________________

build _______rapport                        _______________________________________________

believe _______the need to               _______________________________________________

demonstrate the ability _______       _______________________________________________

live _______expectations                  _______________________________________________

strive __________a healthy work-life balance _________________________________________

Complete the sentences with words below

knowledge base, bottom line, corporate accountability, track record

I really believe in the importance of _______________. Companies have to show some kind of responsibility for their own actions.

We’ve built up an excellent _____________within the company. We’ve invested a lot of money in the training.

The new economic crisis will have a really negative effect on the _________of many companies.

His __________is fascinating. He can really cope with the challenges in our company.

market research

to underpin – to support

scrutiny – istraga

to pride oneself on

noticeably with significantly/appreciably

comperatively with relatively

considerably with significantly/appreciably

surprisingly with unexpectedly

21th May
28th May – final test

4th June – last class