Homework: continuous/non-continuous verbs on a copy + extra copy on Present Simple/Present Continuous






Continuous/non-continuous verbs

I am understanding this.

I am thinking that the British PM is

I am having a house.

I am having lunch/breakfast/a shower/a bath/a meeting

to see off – ispratiti

I am seeing a friend after the class=I am meeting a friend….

for the time being – za sada

on the whole – sveukupno, općenito

Every winter I go skiing.

once in a while – ponekad

currently – trenutno

I am learning English right now.

I learn English every Tuesday.

John gives Mary flowers every second week.

When does John give Mary flowers?

What does John give Mary….?

Who gives Mary flowers every second week?

What happens when you are late for work?

To whom does John give flowers?

Who does John give flowers to?

to meet standards

a 60-second speech

a two-day trip

a 12-metre yacht

to pass on – prenijeti

to forge a relationsthip – to make/create a relationship


cross-promotion – the cooperative marking by two or more companies of one another’s products

a referral network – a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals (usually word-of-mouth)

to have a cutting edge over your competition