Homework: Past Simple (Past Perfect)

Sue ran away from home. Now she is back. Her parents are very happy.

Sue has run away from home. Her parents are very worried.

My TV was repaired but it broke down again.

My TV has been repaired and it’s working perfectly.

to advance one’s career – napredovati u karijeri

to move ahead in one’s career

to climb up the ladder

scrutiny – pregled

to scrutinize

to stand up to – to defend yourself against (sth or a person)

a rung of the ladder –


stand up to – be resistant to the harmful effects of (prolonged use), withstand

“choose a carpet that will stand up to wear and tear”

hold on to – dr┼żati se za

to stick up for – to defend a person

to cling on to –

to look out for (a new opportunity)

stay ahead of (the competition)

to have the cutting edge over the competition

to keep in with – remain popular with

stand out from –

to follow less conventional paths