Homework: WB p 26

to contribute to – doprinijeti

far too important – previše važan

to bring together – spojiti, staviti skupa

to max out – doći do kraja, iscrpiti sve opcije

to one up – biti bolji od

to dream up – to think of a new idea or planespecially one that is silly or unusual

He was continually dreaming up schemes to expand his business.

to draw a conclusion – izvesti zaključak

to know the score – biti upoznat sa situacijom

Bob isn’t stupid – he knows the score. He has to produce results soon or he’ll be out of a job.

Past Modals =Modal + have + PP

unfair dismissal –

unlawful dismissal –

to spring to mind – pasti na pamet

spring sprang sprung – skočiti


gobsmacked – utterly astonished