Homework: WB p 42

like talking to a wall

abberation – devijacija

scholarly – naučni

literary critics – književni

to crack – puknuti

to crack under the strain – puknuti pod pritiskom

to agree like a house on fire – dobro se slagati

to read a situation – procijeniti situaciju

to misread a situation – krivo procijeniti situaciju


to spring to mind – pasti na pamet


wholemeal flour – integralno brašno


tease out – to succeed in discovering something difficultcomplicated, or secret


revel – means to take great pleasure. If you revel in something, you’re not just pleased or even excited; you’re overwhelmed by joy

lose one’s grip -no longer have the ability to control someone or something.

He must be losing his grip on his followers if they’re beginning to rebel against him. 

grasp the nettle – tackle a difficulty boldly


come/get to grips with sth – to make an effort to understand and deal with a problem or situation

The president has failed to come to grips with the two most important social issues of our time.

I can’t seem to get to grips with this problem.

If you play into someone’s hands, you do something which they want you to do and which places you in their power.


up for graps – available


tying the knot – getting married

cast my net -look around for someone else

bolt from the blue – a total surprise

time on her hands – plenty of free time

calling the tune – in charge

carrying a torch for – in love with

rolled up her sleeves – behaved very practically

at death’s door – very ill

giving me the cold shoulder – ignoring me

get a grip – take charge, get in control

short shrift

little consideration

cause a stir

cause excitement, interest, or agitation in a group of people

swear by

to sincerely believe in something

hold water

to make sense; to make an argument with no holes in it