25.03.2020. – B1 plus

Homework: WB p 23
Homework: WB p 51 exe 7 and 9.

11th March 2020 + 25th March 2020

I) Present Simple
-for timetables and schedules
The movie starts at 8 pm.

Avion polazi u 17:00.

The plane takes off at 5pm.

The train arrives at 3pm.

The perfomance starts at 8 pm
II) Present Continuous
-fixed arrangement in the near future
I am seeing my doctor tomorrow.

I am having History class tomorrow.

I am not doing anything in particular tomorrow.

I am attending my online school tomorrow.  

III) Going to future
-for intentions and predictions
based on evidence
I am going to build a house.

I am going to be a basketball player.

I am going to attend the university one day.
IV) Future Simple
-on-the-spot decisions, hopes, offers, predictions and promises
I will be quiet.

I hope this virus will pass soon.

I promise I will be a great student.

V) Future Continuous
-for actions in progress at a certain time in the future
This time tomorrow I will be studying. will+be+(verb+ing)

This time next year I will be dating a fabulous person.
This summer I will be sailing on the Adriatic sea.

VI) Future Perfect Simple
-actions that will be completed
before a certain time in the future
By the end of the course, I will have learnt all tenses.
will + have + PP (ed/d…3rd col)

By the end of April the virus will have been stopped.
By the end of day I will have done my math homework.

a fortnight – 2 tjedna
filthy – very dirty
astonished – very surprised
starving – very hungry
delicious – very tasty
deafening – very loud

25th March 2020

Future time clauses

-after, as soon as, before, by the time, until, when
You can relax after you put up (Present Simple) the tent.

You can call me after/when/as soon as you come home.

Don’t wait with your homework until you are tired. 

while – dok