Homework: WB p 56

Date: 25th Jan 2019

Modal verbs

MUST – nema “to”, za nu┼żnost

I must eat healthy foods.


I have to do my homework.

I have to go to school.

have to – somebody else makes us do sth

MUSTN’T – zabrana

You mustn’t feed animals in the zoo.

NEED TO – potreba

I need to be very careful when I cross the road.

DON’T NEED TO – nema potrebe

You don’t need to buy bread.

MUST (3)

I must study every day.

I must sleep every night.

I must call my mother every day.


I mustn’t go to the shop now.

I mustn’t play around the thermal power station.

I mustn’t break the school windows.


I need to take a lot of vitamins.

I need to sleep enough.

I need to visit my grandma regularly.