Homework: CB p 141, 142, Test 2  p 40-47

reimbursement of the costs – povrat troškova

to reimburse – povratiti

to have a legal leg to stand on –

watertight – unable to be disputed or questioned

non-contributory pension plan

to resolve the dispute – riješiti prijepor


to construe – to interpret

to be treated disrespectfully

to be entitled to sth – imati pravo na nešto

entitlement – pravo na

proceeds as follows

entry of appearance – When an attorney wants to appear on behalf of a litigant in a civil case, the first thing to be done by such attorney is to file an entry of appearance, requesting the court to enter the counsel’s appearance on behalf of the litigant.

An entry of appearance should state the full name of the attorney, his/her identification number, name of the law firm in which he/she works, full address to which communications are to be made, and should be signed by the attorney.