Homework: practice file p 114 and 115

I have A FEW friends. We try to meet every week. I enjoy their company. A FEW -NEKOLIKO

I have FEW friends. I am very lonely and would like to have more friends. JEDVA KOJI

I have __________time. I can talk to you for a couple of minutes. a little

I have ________time for myself. I can’t even have a haircut. little

I have __________options. I can really choose where to work, Hong Kong, Australia…

plenty of, a lot of

There aren’t ___________ perks in my company. We just receive a basic salary. ANY

a few, plenty of, a little, little, few, a lot of, many, much, any , some

There is ___________hope for our country. Things might change in the future. some

I don’t know ___________about history. much

to emerge – izroniti, nastajati

emerging economies – ekonomije u nastajanju

treble – trostruko

overheads – troškovi održavanja

to be on the ball – biti spreman


I wish I had a helicopter. (Past Simple tense for Present meaning)

I wish I had won the lottery. (Past Perfect tense for Past meaning)