Homework: SB p 82 and 83

Next class: 4th October 16:20

twaddle – foolish speech

to stumble across – slučajno naići

We stumbled across him in the library.

journalist finally stumbled on the truth.

to take matters into one’s own hands – uzeti stvari u svoje ruke

high and low – everywhere

to go off without a hitch – proći bez problema; dobro proći

notoriously – used to emphasize that a quality or fact, typically a bad one, is well known.

“the company is notoriously difficult to contact”


deception – prijevara

to overshoot one’s own goals – premašiti vlastite ciljeve

to rule with an iron will – vladati čvrstom/čeličnom rukom

hogwash – nonsense

to know one’s place – znati gdje ti je mjesto

to bear children – roditi djecu



lie ležati lay lain
lie lagati lied lied
lay položiti laid laid
find pronaći found found
found osnovati founded founded
rise ustati, izaći rose risen
raise podići raised raised




high hopes – positive feelings that things will go well

out of the blue – iznenada, iz vedra neba

to kick in – to come into effect

It takes half an hour for the medication to kick in.

to get on the horn – to make a phone call

to come around/round – doći k svijesti

come to wake up; regain consciousness

to bump into – naletjeti na; zaletiti se u

odds are stacked against us- our chances of succeeding are very low


The odds are stacked against civilians getting a fair trial.

Everything seems to be stacked against us.


a needle in a haystack – something extremely difficult to find

beg to differ – disagree


I’m sorry, headmaster, but I beg to differ. Students at this school should have more access to financial aid and scholarships, not less.
He thinks that the evening was a disaster, but I beg to
differ—I saw plenty of guests enjoying themselves!