Homework: WB p 50

Reported statements

Iva: I watched TV yesterday.

Iva said she had watched TV the


day before.

Kiara: ‘Iva, do you have time to show me something?’

Kiara asked Iva if/whether she had time to show her sth.

Mirza: Dominik, where are you going after the English class?

Mirza asked Dominik where he was going after the English class.

weather – vrijeme

Teacher: “Ana, do you have homework?”

Ana: “Yes, I do.”

Teacher asked Ana if she had homework. Ana answered that she had homework.

Julie asked Tim if he would like to contact people he had been at school with.

Marsha asked Mr Hunt if that work had to be finished that day.

Mr Gilbert asked if there were any phone calls for him the day before.

The police officer informed Ian that that car had been stolen two weeks before.

Dorothy said that she had written to her the previous week, adding she had phoned that morning.

Matthew said he had arranged to meet them after lunch the next day.