Homework: WB p 36 and 37

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dealt a bad hand – placed into unfortunate circumstances

live life to the fullest – take advantage of one’s opportunities in life

make the most of – take advantage of

against the odds – in spite of the likelihood of failure

powerhouse – a thing of great power and energy

in a nutshell – in summary; in short

lay eyes on – look or see, especially for the first time

in the flesh in person; physically present; real


paragon – a model of excellence or perfection

blatant – drečav, napadan; očit, eklatantan

honesty – poštenje

dishonesty – nepoštenje

to spot – to notice

upstanding – honest, respectable

an incentive – poticaj

plausible – naoko uvjerljiv

to fib one’s way out of sth – to escape trouble by telling lies

proliferation – rapid increase in the number of amount of sth

to weed out – iskorijeniti

to oust – to eject from a position (izbaciti)

to truss up – to tie, bundle (zavezati)







shifty eyes

shifty-eyed – having the appearance of being dishonest, esp as signified by a lack of eye contact

He seemed evasive, shifty-eyed and vague.

give-away signs – znakovi koji odaju

to give away – odati (a secret)


give away – reveal secret information; let a person have sth without paying


give back – return sth to its owner


give in – surrender or admit you can’t do sth; hand work to a teacher


give out – distribute things to people

give up on – stop being involved with a person because they disappoint you

to take over – preuzeti

to be prone to sth – biti sklon nečemu

mental bandwidth –

cognitive load

get out of hand – to become difficult to control.

It was the end of term and the children were getting a little out of hand.

The genie is out of the bottle – Duh je izišao iz boce.

inquest – investigation