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19th February Dictation

Ian wore his jeans to the party.

There weren’t (were+not)


didn’t go

didn’t want

I didn’t see James yesterday.

Were you

My mum finished work at six o’clock.

We didn’t like the film.

My brother had a party on his birthday.

Past Simple


I was in the cinema yesterday.

I wasn’t in the cinema yesterday.

Negacija glagola ‘biti’: was + not=wasn’t



I was I wasn’t
You were You weren’t
He, she, it was He, she, it wasn’t
We were We weren’t
You were You weren’t
They were They weren’t


I cleaned my room two days ago.

I didn’t clean my room two days ago.

Nakon didn’t, glavni glagol se vraća u infinitiv (bez nastavka ed/d.)

I bought a new book yestarday.

I didn’t buy a new book yesterday.

Nakon didn’t, glavni glagol se vraća u infiniv (pravilni oblik)


Were you in the cinema yesterday? Yes, I was/No, I wasn’t.

Was you mum at home yesterday? Yes, she was/No, she wasn’t.

Glagol biti sam radi negaciju i pitanje.

Did you go to school yesterday? No, we didn’t.

Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.

Pitanje tvorimo sa ‘did’ + infinitive glavnog glagola.