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p130 exe 1 and 2

the low-down – The true facts or relevant information about something.

‘you get the low-down on where to go and where to stay away from’


Josipa: “My name is Josipa.”

Josipa said that her name is Josipa.

Jelka: I have just come home.

Jelka said that she had just come home.

Srdjan: I would like to go to Cuba.

Srdjan said that he would like to go to Cuba.

Ivana: “I am drinking water now.”

Ivana said that she was drinking water then.

Goran: I am planning to visit London next month.

Goran said that he was planning to visit London next month.

Irena: I have never seen Athens before.

Irena said that she had never seen Athens before.

time expressions:

now – then

today – that day

this – that

these – those

yesterday – the day before/the previous day

tomorrow – the next day/the following day

Goran: Did we plan to visit the lakes near the power plant?

Goran wanted to know if/whether we had planned to visit the lakes….

Marijana: When are we having a final test?

Marijana wanted to know when we were having a final test.

Ivana: What kind of music do you like?

Ivana asked Josipa what kind of music she liked.

Jelka: Could we have a few more lessons?

Jelka was curious if we could have a few more lessons.

“Are you able to come to the party next week?”

Josipa asked Srdjan if he was able to come to the party next week.

Have you got any message for me from my lawyer?

Yes. She said that your …..

Sorry. Maybe someone else.

to appraise – ocijeniti

an appraisal – ocjenjivanje

contribution – doprinos

thorough – temeljit

to conduct – to carry out – provesti

to monitor performance

to conduct an appraisal

agree objectives

address issues

give constructive feedback

rate objectives on a scale

express views