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turn-up for the book(s)surprising or unexpected event:

Well, that’s a turn-up for the books – I never thought he’d get the job.

to have a nice turn of phrase-the ability to express yourself well:

She has a nice turn of phrase, which should serve her well in journalism.

to turn as red as a beetroot – pocrveniti kao paprika

not to know which way to turn –

to toss and turn – prevrtati se

to take a turn for the better – oporaviti se

not to turn a hairto not show any emotion when you are told something bad or when something bad happens:

I was expecting him to be horrified when he heard the cost but he didn’t turn a hair.

to take it in turns – izmjenjivati se

to spark protests – raspiriti proteste

hardliners – zasljepljeni sljedbenici

to be in breach of sth (a contract, a deal) – povrijediti, prekršiti nešto, ne poštivati nešto, ne držati se nečega

a row – redak; svađa

beat beat beaten – tući

to beat up – pretući, potući

to underpin – to support

to shore up – to support

to exact revenge (on somebody) – osvetiti se
if someone exacts revenge, they punish a person who has harmed them

a climate of intolerance – kultura netolerancije

jolt – a sudden shock; a surprise


a biological change to better suit the environment


connect oneself with


very quick, like a firearm trigger set to release at the slightest touch


opinions about something or someone

life and death

a situation that could result in death

run out

finished or have no more of something

set off

leave to go somewhere

fight tooth and nail

use all your effort to get or achieve something


something temporary and of low quality; a substitute for something that is needed


get a lot of attention, be on television or in the media

seamstress – a woman who sews, esp one who earns her living by sewing