Homework: WB p 63

8th March 2019

Present Simple – Passive

The rooms are built high up in the trees. -ne znamo tko je činitelj radnje

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful forest. -znamo čime ili od koga pa to uvodimo sa “by”

Active: The policeman catches the thief.

Passive: The thief is caught by the policeman.

The cat eats the mouse.

The mouse is eaten by the cat.

Dad washes the car.

The car is washed by dad.

Lighthouses are used to help ships.

Every year the tower is visited by thousands of tourists.

The castle gardens are enjoyed by many visitors.

Our new caravan is pulled by dad’s old car.

A large breakfast is provided.

Past Simple – Passive

Active: The Romans built the Library.

Passive: The Library was built by the Romans.

Dad washed the car.

The car was washed by dad.

The cat ate the mouse.

The mouse was eaten by the cat.