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The Military Institute of Aviation Medicine

The Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine

a thing of the past – stvar prošlosti

in the heyday – the most successful or popular period of someone or something:

In their heyday, they sold as many records as all the other groups in the country put together.

to take a career break – uzeti predah/pauzu u karijeri

at the height of one’s career – na vrhuncu karijere

to go global – postati globalan

to go green – ekološki osviješten


heights – visine


unattainable – nedostižan (can’t be attained)


nothing but- To the exclusion of all else.

Tom talks about nothing but sports whenever I see him.

My toddler is so fussy. At the moment he’ll eat nothing but cheese and drink nothing but applejuice.

to attain – to reach or succeed in getting something:

He has attained the highest grade in his music exams.

We need to identify the best ways of attaining our objectives/goals.

India attained independence in 1947, after decades of struggle.

to prompt – potaknuti

to be likened to – to be similar to

no leanings towards – without any interest in

the perfect substitute – an ideal replacement

for good – forever

ubiquitous – everywhere

a serious setback – a problem that affects your ability to do sth

a setback – pogoršanje, nazadak, privremeni neuspjeh