Medical English vocab 2

Complete the text of a pre-registration house officer (PRHO) describing her job. Use the following words:
discharged, ward clerk, tests, shift, clerk, round, admissions

When I get to the ward, the first thing I do is talk to the house officer who was on duty during the last 1) _____________, to find out if there have been any new  2) ______________. Then I generally see the charge nurse. He tells me if there is anything that needs to be done urgently, such as intravenous lines to put up or take down. Later in the morning, I 3) _____________any new patients, which basically involves taking a history. On Tuesday and Friday morning the consultant does her ward 4) __________, and I have to make sure I’m completely up to date on her patients. After that, there are usually lots of things to do, like writing up request forms for blood 5) __________, and so on. In the afternoon, I have to prepare for any patients who are to be 6) ________________the next day. They’re usually happy to be going home! And then of course there are the lectures and tutorials in the 7)________________programme on Monday and Wednesday.

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