New ‘legal highs’ pose challenges and risks BBC NEWS

26th January 2014
Scientists testing “legal highs” say they are coming across new mind-altering psychoactive substances.

Forensic scientist Fiona Coope, from the Environmental Scientifics Group in Staffordshire, said when a substance was banned a new one was made to take its place.


10 October 2013
A Kent teenager who nearly died from a heart attack after taking a so-called “legal high” has said the drugs should be banned.

Matt Ford, a student at Canterbury College, took a substance called Exodus Damnation that he bought legitimately at a shop in the city centre.

Legal highs mimic the effects of illegal drugs, but are not banned under the Misuse of Drugs Act. The first specialist clinic in the South East has opened in Brighton to tackle the use of the substances.