Phrasal verbs quiz

Complete the sentences with a phrasal verb –COME and a word from the list. Be aware of the tenses!

across, along, apart, forward, round (2x), up, up with

Exe: The music of the seventies was not very interesting until punk  _____________(arrived).
Key: came along

When I picked up your CD case, it just 1) ___________________(fell to pieces) in my hands.
Let me know if you 2) _______________(find by chance) any old family photos while you’re tidying the cellar.
When Nick 3) __________________(recovered consciousness) after the operation, he didn’t know where he was.
It was obvious that I couldn’t carry the box myself, but nobody 4) ______________(offered) to help me.
‘I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to see you this evening’, said Jenny. ‘Something 5) _________________(unexpected has just happened).’
Why don’t you 6) ______________________(call at my flat) on Thursday’, Karen suggested.
Jeremy often 7) _________________(thinks of) ideas for solving problems at work.

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