The history of Valentine’s Day


According to a Christian legend, there was a priest, who conducted marriages that were against the orders of the Roman emperor. As a consequence he was executed. However, before that he’d fallen in love a woman whom he’d cured from blindness. The last contact he’d ever made with her was a love letter signed ‘ From your Valentine’. This message is said to be the first ever Valentine’s greeting.

A Christian Pope made the 14th February an official St Valentine’s day in the honour of the priest of the same name.

There was a pagan fertility festival held between 13th and 15th February that honoured Roman Gods and its founders through various rituals such as sacrifice and feasting.

It was not until Middle Ages when the day was associated with romance and love. Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet, presented this aspect in his poem, in which we can find the connection of the beginning of the mating period of birds with love.

In 1800 Valentine’s day started growing in popularity and soon everyone was sending hand written notes to each other. Esther Holland, influenced by the British cards tradition, was the first to design a Valentine’s card, no wonder she was named the Mother of the American Valentine’s.