1.4. notes

Homework: SB p 51 exe 6 and 8.

Time clauses

When I come home, I will give you a call.

I won’t leave before I finish my homework.

I won’t be satisfied until I win in this competition.

as soon as

Present Simple, Present Continuous, going to, Future Simple, Future Continuos, Future Perfect Simple

The show starts at 5 pm.
Present Continuous – planned future action

I am meeting my friends tomorrow.

I am going to visit many interesting places this summer.

I hope we will soon go to school.

I guess, I think…

Future Continuous

This time next year I will be working in London.

Future Perfect

By the end of this year, I will have completed my project.

will + have + PP

By the end of this week, I will have planned my future.


Ena – swimming course/Phylipins

Nikola-basketball course/Tuhelj

Iva-meeting course/Krk

Julia – a book club/beach in Australia





money refund