11th Feb 2016

Next time: vocabulary test-units 6 and 7


creative accounting -kreativno računovodstvo

forensic accounting – forenzično računovodstvo

innumerate – bad at maths

to reckon – smatrati, prosuditi

profound – deep – duboka

to capture – ocrtavati, uhvatiti

to be toast – to be in trouble

curtains – zastori, zavjese

noughties – first decade of a century

to splash out- razbacivati se s novcem

remuneration – financijska nagrada

to go bust – to go bankrupt

rampant – neobuzdan, žestok

folly – glupost, budalaština

to sit on the gravy train – ‘ni orao ni kopao’, zaraditi bez puno truda

to carry on – to continue

run out of – ponestati, ostati bez

to splash out – to spend a lot of money

to take off – suddenly start being successful

to pay out – to pay or give money

to give away – dati bez naknade

to get away with – izvući se

to bring down – povući prema dolje, uzrokovati pad – cause the collapse of

Past Modals

There are some articles missing in the warehouse.

What do you think might have happened?

Someone might have stolen them.

Someone must have stolen them.

You should have kept them better.

They may have been replaced.


Wish-clauses (past)

It’s raining and I don’t have an umbrella.

I wish I had taken an umbrella.





I am in the English test and I don’t know all the words.

I wish I had learnt all the words.

If I ___________(not buy) that book, I ____________(be able) to answer all the questions in the test.

If I hadn’t bought that book, I wouldn’t have been able to ….