Next time: modals and past modals
Homework: conditionals

If I had saved the radio transmitter, I would/could

have called for help.

They wouldn’t have seen the Queen if they hadn’t visited London on that day.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me./don’t hesitate to contact me.

reluctant – hesitant

to put sth down to sth – pripisati nešto nečemu

to vary – razlikovati se

varying – različit, varirajući

to encounter – naići, susresti

to shine through – zabljesnuti

a proxy – zamjenik

overlook – previdjeti

merit – zasluga

to hold back from – spriječavati, dijeliti od

to recount – prepričati detaljno

Wish clauses/conditionals

If only I had more time.

I wish I had noticed that. If only I had noticed that.

unless – if not

Unless you bring something nice to the class, we won’t listen to you.

providing that