16th March 2016

‘suggest’ next time

I suggest applying for a job there.

I suggest that you apply for a job there.


Homework: Practice file p 33

Next class: 30th March

to fill in a form – British

to fill out a form – American

execution/enforcement – ovrha

reliable – pouzdan

Gerund versus Infinitive

I promised _______( call) himĀ  after lunch. TO CALL

I decided___________(change) my job. TO CHANGE

He refused _________(accept) this offer. TO ACCEPT

It finally stopped _________(rain). RAINING

My job involves ___________(speak) to clients. SPEAKING

He recommends ___________(try) a new method. TRYING


I forgot (1) to lock (2) the door.

I forgot (2) locking (1) the door.


I regret (1) to tell (2) you that you’ve been dismissed.

I regret (2) telling (1) you a secret.


It started to rain/raining.

I hate getting up early in the morning.


I stopped to smoke. (I was doing something else and I stopped to smoke)(‘to’ expresses purpose)

I stopped smoking. (I am not a smoker any more)