Class notes

Homework: SB p 7 + Practice File p 4

a perk  povlastica

to go for a swim

to go for a walk

to go swimming

to go walking

to climb the corporate ladder

to advance one’s career

to be loyal to brands

boost your running

to meet a need

to create a need

those ones

to mug – orobiti na ulici

a pickpocket – džepar

fizzy drinks

a market leader

prolonged – produženi

to go bust – bankrotirati

streetwise – street smart

collocations – kolokacije (riječi koje idu skupa)

endorsement – endosament

to have the edge over the competition – imati prednost pred konkurencijom





to exetend the product range

to spread the risk

to increase

an increase

to strike a deal

to make a deal

to land a contract