Class notes

Homework: SB p 7 exe B and C, p 8 exe F, B, C

to conduct market research

to clinch a deal – to strike a deal

to build up vocabulary

to convey the message

to get the message across

to put your identity on the line

coherent – koherentan, suvisao

hesitant – reluctant – oklijevajući

inhibited – zakočen; rezerviran

persuasive – uvjerljiv

to persuade – uvjeriti (to convince)

succinct – jezgrovit

index (pluras: indexes or indices)

analysis (plural :analyses)

formula (plural: formulas or formulae/ formuli//formulai/)

datum (plural: data)

rambling – nesuvisao

a vague idea

to dump lots of data on people

immediate communication

to raise (requires an object in Akk)

to rise (doesn’t require an object)

impetuous – nagao, žestok

to get away with – izvući se

to reprimand – to tell of – našpotati, nagrditi

to vow – ‘svečano’ obećati

far – flung

fling flung flung – baciti

tactless – bez takta

causing offence

make things up

keeping in touch with

pitching to someone

to put it in a nutshell

to put someone in the picture – to give someone the latest info

to be on the same page

to beat about the bush

customs – carina

customs official website

to fill in the form (British English)

to fill out the form (American English)

a wrack  – olupina, ostaci nakon nesreće