Class notes

I used to work listening to music.

It’s up to a child.

a range of products

it’s value for money

retail shop – maloprodaja

wholesale – veleprodaja

It’s worth buying

a hair studio

state incentives – državni poticaji

tax incentives – porezni poticaji

brain bandwidth

to take on risk/a challange

No pain, no gain.

legal regulations

to boost brain bandwidth

I’ve done to the best of my abilities

to go shopping

I’ve got used to that.

to get used to something

He is on the run all the time.

I am good at advising people.

advice (two pieces of advice)

to advise

to be good at something

to bounce back

exhausting – iscrpljujući

to have passion for something

to be sensible with money

to make a fortune – obogatiti se

to begin with

first of all

to set standards


to go on strike – ići u štrajk

elementary school


to develop one’s study skills

to long for something

to worry too much over details

Please, bear with us.