Giving opinion

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Asking for opinion
So, what are your views?
How do you feel about…?
Do you think…?
Do we all agree?
Where exactly do you stand on this issue?
I’d like to  hear your view on this matter.
I agree completely.
Yes, that’s an important point.
Yes, definitely.
Yes, you are right.
Yes, I’d go along with that.
Yes, I agree with that.
Giving opinion
I’m sure…
Personally, I think…
I really do think…
I’m inclined to think…
I’m quite sure…
I’m in total agreement.
As I see it, …
In my opinion, we should….
Partial agreement
I agree in principal, but…
I agree to some extent, but…
I see your point, but…
By and large, I agree. 
(I’m afraid) I totally disagree with you.
I disagree entirely.
(I’m sorry,) I think you are mistaken.


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