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In this lesson watch the video on Presentations, go through the useful tips and do the quiz.[/nbox]

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The layout of a good presentation:

Welcoming the audience
Exe: It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here this morning.

Introducing and welcoming speakers
Exe: I’d like to introduce Mrs White, who represents Google company.

Opening the presentation
Exe: My presentation today is about./The purpose of this presentation is to present (outline/explain)…

Outlining the main points
Exe: There are four main areas to be considered.

Exe: I’ll begin by looking  at…
Then I’ll explain.

Explain why something is interesting
Exe: The information presented here today is important, as it shows…

Establishing a bridge
Exe: This brings me to my next point.
My next point is.
I’d now like to turn to…

Linking with a previous point
Exe: As I mentioned earlier…
To go back to…

Summarizing the main topics
Exe: To sum up, I’d like to say that…
In conclusion, we can see that…

Making a strong final comment
Exe: It is clear from the figures presented here today that…
Given the data/information I have presented, we can be certain that…

Thanking your audience
Exe: I appreciate your being here today and thank you for your attention.
Thank you for your attention. [/nbox]


Fill in the gaps or choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 

Presentations Quiz

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