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[nbox type=”success”] V = Val           P = Paul        Ph = Phil       E = Elizabeth           El = Elin L = Luke

V:        Hi. There are a lot of things that I’d like to do that I’ve never done before. I’m not really a dare-devil, so things like bungee jumping are not really my cup of tea but I do know that trying new things makes you feel good. Today, I’m going to talk to people about trying new things and achievement. How do you feel about trying new things?

P:        I’m up for trying new things. Depends what they are, obviously, there’s some things I wouldn’t try, but I’d give most things a go.

Ph:      I always enjoy trying new things. I like to meet new people and try new food, see new places, see different things. It’s always nice to see that.

E:        I love to try new things. I love to travel.

El:       If you try new things, you get more out of life, I think.

L:        I’m always up for new things. I love travelling; I love trying exotic new foods, all that sort of stuff; seeing new cultures.

V:        What stops you from trying new things?

El:       Fear, probably.

Ph:      Time and money complicates trying new things. It’s hard to find time to travel and it’s hard to afford enough money to travel as well.

P:        I suppose, if it were dangerous and I could get injured.

L:        Probably, at the moment, school – I don’t have a lot of time, I’ve got a lot of work. Money, as well.

E:        If it’s very dangerous; or if my stomach just can’t handle it; or if I don’t have money.

V:        What have you achieved in your life that makes you feel proud?

Ph:      I’m very proud that I was able to go to Ethiopia and build houses for people who needed it. And, being a part of that team was really special to me.

P:        I’ve written plays and people come to see the plays and enjoyed them. And I’ve gone out and performed in front of, I suppose, thousands of people now and they’ve laughed.

E:        I guess finishing school with a high level and – so far not a lot – but I’ve learnt French better than I thought I would so I’m proud of that I guess. I’m still learning.

L:        Probably proudest achievement is getting A grades in my end of year exams – helping me to get a place at university.

El:       Well, I feel that I’ve become quite a good person and I guess I’m proud of that.

V:        Who do you admire for their achievements and why?

L:        Probably business leaders such as Richard Branson as he started off as, as hardly anything and then he built a huge business empire and he’s a multimillionaire.

E:        I admire my grandmother, actually. She’s not around anymore, but she was a teacher like I want to be and she taught me so much about life.

P:        Nelson Mandela, I admire him a lot because, not only because he was imprisoned, which, and he survived that for many years and wasn’t bitter. When he came out of prison I was more impressed with him becoming Prime … you know, leading South Africa and holding the country together and changing a country. Not many people have the ability or the skills to do that.[/nbox]

[nbox type=”warning”]Glossary
my cup of tea – nešto u čemu uživate
an ability – sposobnost
an achievement (klikni za izgovor) – postignuće
a skill – vještina
to afford – priuštiti si
to be able to – moći, biti sposoban, biti u mogućnosti
to be up for something – biti za nešto
to be imprisoned – biti u zatvoru
to handle – baratati, upravljati, nositi se sa
to hold something together – držati nešto na okupu
to suppose – pretpostaviti
bitter – ogorčen
obviously (klikni za izgovor) – očito[/nbox]

Fill in the gaps or choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. [/nbox]

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