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[nbox type=”success”]Telephoning

Answering the phone
Good morning/Good afternoon, (Green Gold office). Can I help you?
Hello. Merry White speaking.
Making contact
Is that…? – Yes, speaking.
Hello. This is…
Could I speak to…? – Who’s calling, please?
I’ll put you through.
I’m sorry, the line is busy. Will you hold?
I’m afraid…Mr Peale isn’t available today.
I’m afraid…Mr Peale is in a meeting.
Can I help you?
Taking a message
Would you like to leave a message?
Shall I ask…her/him to ring you?
Leaving a message
Could I leave a message?
Could you ask her/him/Ms Brown to call me/Sandra?
Could you tell her/him Sally called?
Making an appointment
When would suit you?
When would be possible for you?
Would Monday be convenient?
Could you manage tomorrow morning?
Shall we say 11 am?
Can you make it in the evening?
Is 4 pm possible for you?
Changing an appointment
I’m sorry, I have to cancel the appointment on….
I’m afraid I can’t manage our meeting next week.
I’m sorry, but Sally isn’t available at that time.
Could we arrange another time?
Using a mobile phone
It’s a bit difficult to talk at the moment.
I’m in a meeting. Can I call you back?
Sorry, I can’t hear you very well.
Sorry, can you repeat that?
The signal’s very poor.
You’re breaking up.
I’m afraid I lost you just then.
I’ll be quick, the battery’s running low.


Telephoning Quiz

Listen to the telephone conversation above and fill in the gaps.