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What do I need to do in this lesson?
Watch the video, read the transcript  and fill in the gaps with one word from the video. Use hints in the quiz for help and explanations.[/nbox]

[nbox type=”success”]V = Val           S = Susan    B = Barry      P = Paul        Ph = Phillippe
Phi = Phil      E = Elizabeth           L = Luke       F = Fawn
V:        Hi. I’m a producer at the BBC and I really enjoy my job. I’m not sure it’s my dream job, because I’ve always wanted to be in a successful band, but it’s pretty good. Today, I’m going to be talking to people about dream jobs. What 1) ______ you do?
S:        I’m a school teacher.
B:        I am a minister with the Salvation Army.
P:        I’m a stand-up comedian.
Ph:      I make French horns – the musical instrument – and I repair other brass instruments.
Phi:     I’m an architectural technologist and I design and build houses.
E:        I finished my 2) __________  in education and I will be teaching history and math.
L:        I’m a student.
F:        I’m a student nurse.
V:        What did you dream of doing, or being, when you were younger?
S:        I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. My dad was a teacher; my brother is a teacher.
P:        I wanted to be a footballer. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to play for Liverpool or Arsenal, and I was quite good, but not good enough.
Ph:      When I was a child, I dreamt of being a professional cellist and performing to whatever audience I could, within orchestras or on my own as a soloist.
Phi:     I always wanted to build things and design houses. And so now it’s part of my 3)_________  life and it’s kind of good.
E:        When I was a child, most of the time I wanted to teach. For a while I wanted to be a paediatrician – so, a doctor for children.
F:        I wanted to be a vet. And then a solicitor.
L:        As a child, I used to play a lot of guitar. So, I dreamt of becoming, starting a band and becoming a world-4) _________  guitarist.
B:        When I was younger, I loved sports and I envisioned some kind of a 5) __________  in sports – professionally, perhaps. Later on, I was thinking of business, in the business realm and finally I came away with serving people: that was my dream job and I get to do that through the Salvation Army.
V:        Would you describe your job as a 6) _______ job?
P:        Yeah, it is a dream job, especially when it goes well.
S:        Every day is a different day and we do different things every day, so yeah, I would say it was dream job, really, yeah.
Ph:      To be working within the music industry, for me, is a dream. And I’m working with a lot of professional musicians and I see it as it’s helping me achieve my overall dream. So, yes.
F:        I would say nursing can be hard work but it is a dream job because you get quite a lot of satisfaction, job 7) __________ .
Phi:     Yes, definitely. I feel that it allows me to be creative and I get to do what I always wanted to do.
V:        Are you ambitious?
Phi:     Yes, I am 8)  _________. I like to take control and make things happen for myself and in this profession I get to do a lot of things like that.
E:        I like to think I am. I’m living in Paris right now and that was always a dream of mine.
S:        I was once, I think, but not so much now. I’m more ambitious for myself now, in developing my own art rather than developing other people’s art.
F:        I want to get quite high up in my job. I want to be on good money and live in a nice house.[/nbox]

Work Quiz

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