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The World
What do I need to do in this lesson?
Watch the video, read the transcript  and fill in the gaps with one word from the video. Use hints in the quiz for help and explanations.

V = Val           M = Michael             B = Bridget              J = Joe          R = Rosie

E = Eddie      H = Hannah             D = Dawn     Ma = Malcolm

V:        Hi. Today I’m talking to people about what’s happening in the world and issues that concern them. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the world today?

M:        I think one of the biggest challenges facing the world today would be world, or global poverty.

B:        The economy and, I guess, the environment is the, is the main ones that I would say.

J:         There’s loads. So, er, poverty, global warming. I think anything that, ultimately, is driven by profit, probably.

R:        I think our environmental impact is a big social issue that is facing the world at the moment and I’m not sure that it’s high enough on the agenda with politicians, and globally. And it’s something we should be addressing before it’s too late.

E:        Apart from poverty, I’d say food.

H:        I think environmental pollution; terrorism’s a problem and the economy’s pretty bad right now, so that’s a problem too.

D:        I would have to say, maybe, greed. Everyone seems to want more and more and is never satisfied, which oftentimes leads to corruption and for the ‘have-nots’ to have even less. So, I think that’s a big, re-occurring problem today.

Ma:     Well, probably one of them is energy. I think, possibly, nations should try and, erm, discover some sort of alternative fuel, as the fossil fuels will be running out in approximately fifty years’ time.

V:        If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?

M:        Probably rectify global poverty.

B:        Stop all the wars. Make everybody live in peace, in harmony.

J:         If people chat more than I’ll be able to understand their viewpoint, hopefully they’ll understand my viewpoint; hopefully less conflict whether it’s over poverty, whether it’s over global warming; whether it’s over any other physical conflict as well. So, people need to chat more.

R:        I would like to see more women in power. I’d like to see more women Prime Ministers because, for some reason, I think that they would have a more nurturing response to things and perhaps have better ways of dealing with all sorts of world issues such as war.

Ma:     Wind farms. We’ve got lots of wind in this country and in places like Denmark, so we could use that as a possible source of fuel.

E:        We need to get more countries agreeing with each other because I think eventually the world’s going to run out of natural resources. And we have to get together to sort it out.

H:        Getting food, medicine or education to the world’s poor – I think that would be a good idea.

D:        I don’t know. Kinda have everybody live in each other’s shoes sometimes. I think sometimes we kinda are quick to judge and not always know what other people are going through. So, that would be a good little thing to have: to be able to switch the roles sometimes. It’s not always easier on the other side.


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