Business Vocab Leadership quiz

Fill in the gaps with the words in bold!

cautions, pursues, buzzwords , ability, relapsed, promotion, broaden, savvy , entrepreneurial , boundaries, impact, sustain

…Key attributes for a successful chief executive would include the 1)_________to lead others, to see in advance what needs doing and to be passionate about problem-solving.

…It is a challenge which can be made easier by a manager gaining as much experience as possible while climbing the 2) _________ladder.

…Harriet Green, CEO of travel group Thomas Cook, tells aspiring leaders to 3)  _______ their approach early on in their careers.

…“I always encourage executives to take the jobs that are not necessarily the norm, because you will learn a great deal more about your own 4) _________,” she says.

Business scandals have certainly made the news in recent years – underlining the point that ignoring ethics can have a serious and lasting 5)  __________on a firm’s bottom line.

…“If you only get money but you don’t care about a thing, right or wrong, you cannot last. That cannot 6) ___________you for the future.”

If a company 7) ___________its goals correctly, then profits should flow from that, he argues.

…Yet, when learning how to be a good boss, Rupert Soames, CEO of energy supplier Aggreko, 8) __________ that a manager needs to make sure they learn from those who respect their own values.

…“They hated it, and I hated it, and I managed to keep up good behaviour for about three weeks and then 9)___________ – and everybody sighed in relief.”

…Companies need to remain bold and 10) ___________but also manage risk, says management expert Steve Tappin.

…Mr Zeman points out that there is often a clear generational gulf between top managers, who may be in their forties or fifties, and their media-11) __________ customers in their early twenties.

“Young people today are different. They care about things that we never cared about growing up – the environment, clean air, green – all the 12) _________that today make up our existence.”

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