Medical English quiz 1

Fill in the gaps with the words in bold. You won’t need all of the words! Keep up your Medical English!

breathing, shake, passing urine, swallowing, numbness, sickness, good, got over, recovered, unhealthy, deteriorated, recovery

He seems to be rather 1)_________________-his diet is bad and he never exercises.
Her condition 2) ____________________and she died.
It was a month before I 3)_____________________the illness.
He 4)  _____________________and was allowed to go home from hospital.
I have been in 5) _________________health for months and feel very fit.
The patient made a full 6) _____________________.
I’ve noticed that my hands 7) ________when I’m not using them.
I’ve got pain and 8)  _____________in both feet.
I have trouble 9) _____________when I climb the stairs.
I’m having difficulty 10)  _________________solid food.
I have a lot of problems 11) ____________________.

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