Additional grammar and topics


Adjectives and adverbs (1) (quick/quickly)
Adjectives and adverbs (2) (well/fast/late, hard/hardly)
Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed 

Countable and uncountable nouns
Countable and uncountable nouns 2
Countable nouns with a/an and some

Present Simple: form, spelling and pronunciation
Present Simple: use
Present Simple: the verb TO BE
Present Continuous: form and spelling
Non-continuous verbs
Present Continuous: use
Practice the Present Continuous with scenes from TV shows

Present Tenses for the Future
Future Simple – Form
Future Simple – Use
Going to Future – Form
Going to Future – Use
Future Continous – Form
Future Continuous – Use
Future Perfect – Form
Future Perfect – Use

Past Simple-Use
Past Simple – Form, Spelling and Pronunciation
Past Continuous – Form

Present Perfect-Use
Practise the Present Perfect with scenes from TV shows

Present Perfect v Past Simple 

Past Perfect – Form
Past Perfect – Use

Question tags-Form
Question tags-Use

So/Neither do I” and “I think so-use and form

Conditionals If I do… / If I did…
If I had know…/I wish I had known…
If I knew…/I wish I knew…
would/I wish…would
Second Conditional in Big Bang Theory


Present Simple
Present Simple-Present Continuous
Past Simple quiz
Past Simple-Past Continuous quiz
Past Simple-Present Perfect
Phrasal verbs
Mixed Conditionals
Present Perfect Simple-Continuous
Future Tenses


Business conferences
Business meetings
Business hotels and sales conferences
Corresponding with customers
Customer relationships
Presenting at meetings
Presenting your business idea
Promotional activities and branding
Advertising and customers
Advertising and the internet
Sales reports
Late payers
Workplace atmosphere
Expanding abroad
Making arrangements
Business travel
Company visits
Tackling problems
Meeting people
Comparing information
Tackling problems